Retournée, by Gema Siveroni Atelier. Stories made of second chances.

We are made of stories, those that we live, those that we read, those that we see in the movies or those that we listen on our favorite songs, and telling them has always seemed nice to me. 

Gema Siveroni, through bridal fashion, has found the way to tell the stories of each woman who goes to the atelier for her to design the dress of one of the most special days of her life. 
Since opening her atelier in 2017, the designer has created dresses through what she and her team have called artisan sewing, not only because the make unique handmade garments, but because she does it in a sustainable way according to her slow life philosophy. 
Furthermore, Gema didn’t want to make a special dress to give it a single use, what she thought was to create something that could be worn on other special occasions. 
A mix of all of this is what we could see in has latest collection, Retournée, presented on an online fashion show,  the international recycling day on May 17th.
“By reusing textiles that were to become garaje, we reduce waste, production costs and energy. The idea is to continue on this path, investigating materials with which to work and not generate more impact by creating new raw materials.”
Gema gives us two-piece looks, tule skirts and bell bottoms, which in addition to making your wedding day shine, will make you able to continue doing it for many more days, because the stories that a garment can contain are endless.
The collection is made with fabrics from shower curtains, rooms, bedspreads, etc., from a hotel on Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid that closed its doors in the summer of 2019.
With Retournée it is confirmed that imposing, much more versatile wedding dresses can be created and given a second life for more special occasions.

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